Funerals and Memorials

When a loved one dies, it is important for the survivors to be able to publicly express their grief and to have a way to move forward in the absence of the lost loved one.  Friends and acquaintances serve an important role in helping this happen, and in letting the loved ones know they are not alone.  So a ceremony of remembrance can serve a very important role in making this happen.  We can offer an appropriate meaningful ceremony, without religion, that can eulogize the deceased and provide the survivors the means to move on.

I will meet with you to help you create the ceremony that most perfectly fits these conditions.  To help you decide what you would like to include in your ceremony.  I can offer some examples for your consideration.  At all times this is approached in the manner most respectful to the occasion.  Some will want the ceremony to remain very serious.  Others will want to inject a degree of levity to the occasion.  This will depend on the personality and attitude of the deceased and the survivors and will be your choice to make.

If there is to be an interment, this is also included in the service provided.


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